Hey there!

Welcome to Poetry, Musing, and Memories.

I write “poetry”, a few thoughts (more like attempted articles, but you may call it a sort of online diary) and memories? Anywho, I have been getting better at the article writing since joining college, so the latest ones are definitely gonna be better…

They’ve been written right from my heart, so they’re basically a sneak peek into who I am, and the stuff go through my brain at that time. Poetry, I think is one of my stronger suits. Do check them out!


As much as I critique myself, I’m actually not a very bad writer…so…go ahead and read! At your own risk though… lol jk. Since you’re here, you might as well…

I don’t get to see who reads my pages – so any feedback  (read: praise) conveyed to me in person would make me really happy…

PS: My poems are arranged by year now. I’d suggest reading the latest ones…I personally find the older ones childish.. though they do give my audience an idea as to how I’ve matured as a person and a “writer”, if I can be called that.

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